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An interview transcript between Warren Buffet and Beckie Quick from CNBC (Mr. Buffet is really fond with CNBC it seems, he did a lot of interview for them especially during the financial crisis).

It’s a bit ironic though that the premise of the interview is his co-chairing the Goldman Sachs’ entrepreneurial event titled 10,000 small business initiatives. Since when did Goldman turned into an SME banks? Nonetheless, an excellent interview (though reading through the transcript, Mr. Buffet’s interview is best viewed, not read).

This is the definitive study by Societe Generale of the economic condition in US, UK, and Europe and whether there’s parallel compared to Japan’s lost decade. The main point of the report is that while there are several familiarity between US, UK, and Europe’s economy today compared to Japan’s circa 90s, the central bank and the government’s report during the 2008 crisis is swift and broad – unlike the muted response by Japan’s central bank at the time.

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A nice summary of the PDF can be viewed here.

(via zerohedge).